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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

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I write this blog with a heavy heart as I reflect on a recent sale in Brentwood, Tn. and analyze a family's moving sale.  Our 85 year old client died in the yard following our estate sale while hitching the car to the U-Haul to move to their new home in another state.

 Our estate sales company specializes in making transitions in life such as moving, estate liquidating and downsizing as stress free as possible.  However, many times I find the client not only allowing us to help but trying to control the process beyond their means.  I retraced the couple's plans and searched for solutions in what I could have done more to have made their move less stressful.

The first thing Mr. D said to me when we met was, "I wish she would just let you sell everything we don't need but she insists on taking more than we have room for and I all of this will have to go to a storage unit."  She packed a large library of books for weeks into small boxes and continued to pack clothing and accessories long after what they had room for in their retirement home.  I wasn't sure what he meant by his statement, "Please be gentle with her."  when referring to his wife of whom I later realized was suffering with dementia.  We have had many sales for elderly individuals with the beginning signs of alzheimers  and recognized some symptoms.  Because their memory is often more clear of early past long term memory experiences, they will be more attached to things that associate with those memories thus making it more difficult to let go of them.  Also, their perception of their world becomes more self centered therefore not realizing the strain of their demands on the loved ones around them.  Mrs. N was a victim of both of these.  I don't think she realized her husband of 60 years was unable to do the physical move of a lifetime of collections that she wanted.  She even stated that her children had tried to help and she told them they didn't need any help.  Mr. D continued to drive back and forth 500 miles with a U-Haul and pack more items over a course of 2 weeks. 

I clearly stated they must be moved before we start setting up as the home will be completely transformed as we move and merchandise for the sale.  We also begin work at 7:00 and work quickly throughout the home all day making it uncomfortable for homeowners trying to carry on daily home activities.  Their sale had to be postponed another week because of needed time for another trip.  I received a frantic call from Mr. D after our first day saying everything was missing including, the blood pressure machine, pace maker machine, her medicine etc.  We went over and found the items they were missing.  They clearly had not prioritized in moving the things they needed or organizing them.  We also had to start completely over with setting up as she had repacked and rearranged all the things in the sale.  It looked like we had never been there. 

My contract states that we will mail a check to the client within 5 days of the sale.  Mr. D. did not want his check mailed.  He insisted upon driving back from OK to personally pick up his check.  We had a very successful sale despite the delay and freezing weather delay.  I even sold the car he was trying to sell on his own without success.  I connected them with James a final liquidator to haul away the remains.  James called me crying, "I tried to revive Mr. D tonight but I think he is gone."  My heart goes out to his wife who will not be able to move to the new home or live in the old home due to her health.  I'm not sure what they will do with the many U-Hauls, boats and vehicles at their new home but hopefully now Mrs. N will let her kids help her make decisions and find a home that she can easily manage on her home. 

In Conclusion:
I will continue to try to prepare my clients for the transition ahead and prove myself trustworthy to assist them through the process and relieve some stress associated with a life changing event.  RIP Mr. D...

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