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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Do I need an Estate Sale?

Estate Sale Co. - Busy Bee Moving Sales in Tn.
Before getting into the business, I probably would have answered this with a no.  Now that I know the benefits, I would definitely consider it as an option and recommend.  If you've ever had a garage sale you know the work and pains of liquidating on a small scale.  Multiply that by 50 and you'll understand the work that goes into an entire estate liquidation sale.  When I moved the last time from Texas to Tennessee, I chose to sell everything little by little with garage sales and Craigslist until I had downsized as much as I could and still paid movers more than I wanted in the end.  Even so, it took me over 6 weeks to sell the furniture one by one on the internet and continually lower prices and make arrangements to meet making the process quite tedious.  Also, to my surprise, I found a bit of anxiety involved that I had not expected as well especially when I was giving my family antiques to my siblings.  I had those pieces since my husband and I married, even refinished it together during our engagement.  Many memories were attached to some of those pieces as they went out the door.  My husband and I gave antique furniture to one another for birthdays and anniversaries through the years and I was forced to part with those as well.  I never thought I would feel so sentimental towards those things but I did.  This experience is one in which I often relate to when working with a customer who is struggling with the same anxiety.  Using a third party company certainly alleviates this problem and removes the seller from the difficult position of negotiating these endeared belongings.
Whether we admit it or not, most of us know how deep we are with holding onto our belongings and then there are those that are pushed by family members to purge their homes for whatever reasons.  I have been told on many occasions, "My mother was a hoarder."  One lady said, "My mother wasn't a hoarder but a squirler."  She was right, she didn't keep everything but the things she did keep were carefully packed away and took forever to uncover it all.
If you know you cannot bear to watch bargain hunters and strangers fill your home and insensitively haggle over prices of your Uncle Michael's blue cobalt pickle jar, then you should consider an estate sales company.
If your Aunt Berenice calls you  and says, "I need to liquidate my assetts.  I am disabled.  I don't have the money to have it moved."  You should encourage her to call an estate sales company. If your boss calls you late one night and says, "I've found a home in Las Vegas and I need you to help me move it all in 2 weeks.", call an estate sales company to help you get rid of it quickly.  If your sister Leanne calls and says she is going to start cleaning out your moms home and don't worry about anything, call an estate sales company.
For some reason, when it comes to our own stuff, its just more difficult.  People ask us all the time how we can set a sell and mark it in only 2 1/2 days.  I only know that when I moved it took me 2 weeks to unpack the boxes, 2 more weeks to put it away, and a year later I'm still trying to decide where to hang pictures.  

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