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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Selling a house? What to do first?

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You've put your home on the market and the realtor is on their way and you are worried it will sell too quickly.  Now what? So many times we get calls from someone that is selling their home and need us to help sell a few things they haven't been able to sell themselves.  What they don't know is that they may have already cleaned out too much for us to even conduct a sale.  I hear things like,  "I wish I would have known about your services before I gave it away to Goodwill or worst yet, threw it all away.  These small items cluttering the garage and falling out of the cabinets or flooding the closet are the very junk most people scavenger hunt for every weekend at estate sales.  When it gets down to the large pieces of furniture, pool tables, pianos, armoirs and collections of dolls, they call us when one big sale would bring more money and downsize it all at once. 

A downsizing sale is almost always the first step in preparing a home to sell.  Our moving and estate sales company specializes in pulling out the contents of garages, basements, sheds, cabinets, drawers, and attics to set up for a decluttering sale so you can stage and maintenance your home for the market.  A home with less furniture and clutter will also appear to be larger as well as save you money and time when it comes time to move. 

 More than once we've dug books and antiques out of the trash and placed price tags on them that the home owner had tossed before we arrived.  The estate sales company will help you with the back breaking labor of setting everything out and throwing away the trash.  Of course you want to go through your belongings and make decisions on what goes and what sells so using a roll of colored tape you can identify items you wish to keep and separating them into an area off limits to the sale.  After that, let them do the work. 

After the sale, you can have them or someone else haul away the excess and begin staging your home for the real estate market.  Plus, you have some extra money in your pocket to cover moving expenses or repairs to your home. 

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