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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Advertising An Estate Sale

Busy Bee Moving Sales - An Estate Sales Company in Nashville, TN.
 Many people come to us who have tried to sale their items first online and through They come to us and expect us to do miracles with advertising on items they have already tried to sell.  Often we find the items are priced too high resulting in no interest from their online sales.  However, by combining many items of a variety of categories and utilizing road signs, online resources such as,, as well as local classifieds, we find more interested customers compared to single item sales.  Estate sale companies will also have their own email list of weekly customers that frequent their sales.  If the location of the sale is in a rural community, we have found that newspaper ads and further signage is necessary to create traffic to your estate sale.  Some recent resources for garage sales and estate sales can be utilized through social networking sites such as  Often facebook pages in local communities labeled such as Buy, sell and trade can be very effective in advertising an estate sale in your own community.
Newspaper can be the most expensive source of advertising and I know many estate sale companies that choose not to use newspaper but if your targeted buyer is older, you may consider it since they often read the newspaper rather than online searching for sales.
Signage can be expensive and always has the risk of being removed by HOAs or an upset neighbor.  Signage is a huge attraction to your estate sale so take out the time to make enough, extras, water proof, and include arrows.

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